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Top Three Exfoliation Techniques to Keep Your Skin Clean

Taking good care of your skin has never been so important. This unconventional time is causing stress and lack of sleep for many. Add that to being stuck inside with the heater blasting all day and consuming alcohol more regularly, our skin is definitely paying the price. 

Fear not. With a quality skincare routine and tips from beauty expert Tiffany Elie, you are sure to come out of quarantine looking and feeling flawless! 

Exfoliation and hydration are the keys to smooth, healthy skin. Today, we will focus in on exfoliation, the buffing and polishing of the skin. There are countless benefits to exfoliation. For oily skin, it keeps pores clean and helps prevent breakouts. For dry skin, it dead skin cells, “the crust,” allowing moisturizer to penetrate better. Bonus benefit: exfoliation softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for an anti-aging effect!! 

There are three simple and effective exfoliation techniques that Tiffany recommends:

  1. Manual exfoliators, like face scrubs. For example:

aveeno scrub

2. Cleansing brushes. For example: Clarisonic

c brush

3. Chemical exfoliators, like transport pads. For example:

somme pads 2

Feel free to try out these techniques to see what works best for you! And if you are already set with your exfoliation routine, check out the next blog post on at-home spa treatments to achieve the next level of benefits.

If you have any questions or to order Somme transport pads, contact Tiffany at

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