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Beat Quarantine Skin Stress with the Perfect Hydration Routine!

Self-care is the key to emerging post-quarantine looking and feeling great. These stressful and isolated times can take a toll on your skin. Lack of sleep, stress, and increased alcohol consumption can worsen anti-inflammatory issues like rosacea and acne. Add in allergy season plus our crazy Michigan weather keeping our heaters running non-stop, and dehydration seems inevitable! 

Luckily, local beauty expert Tiffany Elie has tips to help your skin stay hydrated and glowing through this time, no matter your skin type. 

Exfoliation and hydration are key to maintaining healthy skin, especially now. Today, we will focus on some hydration hacks. Now is the time to check in with your daily skin care routine, because it is VITAL that you are getting the right amount of moisture for your skin.

  • There is a simple test to tell whether or not your current moisturizer is the best fit for your skin . Ask yourself, when you apply your moisturizer and it soaks in, do you feel like you need to apply another coat? If the answer is yes, then your current moisturizer is not cutting it and it’s time to step it up!

Skin-type Specific Tips:

  • If your skin is oily, then it might need more water. Try a hydrating gel or an oil-free moisturizer. For example: Clinique Moisture Surge

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  • If your skin is combination, you might need a lotion or a lightweight cream. For example: Somme A-Bomb


  • If you’re constantly dealing with dryness, it may be time to bump up to a richer cream or night cream for an extra boost of moisture. For example: Avene – Hydrance Rich Hydrating Cream


If you have any questions, Tiffany would be happy to answer and can be contacted by email at Make sure to shop local and stay hydrated and we can get through this together! 

Here are the links to shop some of the products mentioned if interested:

  • To order Somme A-Bomb: email
  • To order Avene Hydrance : visit the shop at
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