Sanitation Practices

Tiffany Elie Makeup Artistry & Associates wants you to know we will continue to practice the highest professional sanitation methods in the industry in order to ensure our clients’ utmost safety.

Our makeup artists wear PPE in accordance with CDC guidelines.

The team utilizes UV-C light sterilization - a germicidal light that kills over 99.99% of viruses in extremely short amount of time. These lights are used in hospitals and healthcare facilities all over the country because it has been found extremely effective in stopping the spread of illness causing viruses and bacteria.

Makeup brush cleaner is used between every client on every brush daily.  This is a medical-grade antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial sanitizer.  Plus it has a great, fresh, smell clients love.

A stainless steel palette & spatula is used to dispense makeup products from their original container, onto a clean surface to prevent cross-contamination. Each individual client’s makeup is used directly from the palette for one-time use, making it safe and sanitary. The palette is sanitized with isopropyl alcohol between clients.

Tiffany and team continue to utilize a variety of disposable brushes, mascara wands, sponges and tools for all clients.