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Summer Skin and Makeup Tips

At the beginning of this summer, Beauty Expert Tiffany Elie was live on air to discuss the importance of sun protection  Tiffany mentions that, “Sun protection is key for everyone”. Tiffany, who was featured on Fox2 due to her experience and knowledge of the makeup industry, talked about summer tips and trends to try this summer.


Tiffany mentions that sun protection is important for everyone, regardless of skin color. It is actually a myth that dark skin tones are immune to burns/ skin color. Women of color can still get Skin Cancer and many have concerns with uneven complexion, hyper pigmentation, and dark spots from the sun.


However, the issue is that many sunscreens leave a grey or white tint to the skin. Tiffany recommends Skinmedic, as it leaves no trace of grease or residue, Neutrogena Ultra sheer body mist, a sweat and waterproof spray that feels light weight and clean, and her favorite, Colorscience Sunforgettable, a brush-on sunscreen that is easy to apply and does not look too heavy on your skin.


For makeup, Tiffany recommends a waterproof topcoat. Apply the topcoat over your regular mascara, and then your lashes are completely waterproof! To absorb shine and sweat, Tiffany likes to use oil blotting papers to keep you looking refreshed and not oily. To get that full summer glow, Tiffany would recommend Nars Body Glow. This is an oil base that creates a beautiful golden sheen that is not overly sparkly. In fact, celebrities put it on their shins to give a healthy glow to the legs.

0607845021032Tiffany predicts that the hottest trends of summer are in the shades of pink and coral. Also, many products can now be used for many different purposes, so you can get both blush and lip-gloss for the price of one!These products can now be used for many different purposes, so you can get both blush and lip-gloss for the price of one!

Overall, Tiffany generally wants people to keep their skin healthy and look their best throughout these hot months.

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