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Mitzvah Makeup Month

It is surely one of the busiest and most important times in your lives, but do not procrastinate with booking hair and make up appointments and thinking about how you want to look at that special Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Experienced and local make up artist, Tiffany Elie, recommends making those appointments four months in advance. Here, Tiffany has useful tips, ideas and looks to ensure you and your daughter look and feel their best for your mitzvah moments.

Stay natural: Make sure to stay natural and fresh-faced for the service. Use age appropriate makeup to lightly conceal imperfections, but highlighting her features is key.


Wearing you hair up is key for the service

Make sure your hair is up: Your friends and family have come to see the Bat Mitzvah read from the Torah, not to look at a curtain of hair over your face! Make sure to wear your hair up so everyone can seeyour beauty.

 Setting powder not shimmer- Neutral matte products are best for the service. If needed, use setting powder to make sure there is the perfect amount of glow, it absorbs oil without looking too cakey.






ellas mitzvah 7.jpeg

Shimmer is perfect for the party


Think shimmer: These beautiful young ladies are 13, not 18, and by keeping the application of makeup light and well-blended, they can feel festive without looking like Toddlers and Tiaras. Shimmer and color pigments can create evening looks without looking too heavy.


Her eyes are the beautiful,main focus for this look

Pick a feature:  If you are playing up the eyes, go for a soft gloss, it will keep the look youthful and not too old.

Pull color pallet from the dress: Incorporating colors from the dress can pull together the look. Be careful to use dark colors on the eyes and lips, if dress color is dark, think of accenting it with lighter shades of complimentary colors.


Her light blue makeup compliments her navy dress









You have done a lot of work and preparation to make this day special. You also hired a professional photographer to document this event for many years to come, so you should look your best. Let a professional hair and makeup team help you look amazing at this joyous event. Take time for yourself and let a team of ex
perts handle your beauty needs.








You want to hire someone reliable, someone who will show up early and make sure that you are ready on time. Also, hair and makeup artists that will come to your home or event space to save you time and stress, allowing you to relax and look beautiful for your service and early morning photos. Tiffany Elie Makeup Artistry and her team of experts specialize in Mitzvah makeup. Tiffany, with daughters ages 15 and 16, remembers the mitzvah years when girls want to dress and feel older. They want to play and experiment with makeup, but also as a parents, you want them to look polished and beautiful, and Tiffany Elie can do the best of both worlds.


Tiffany Elie Makeup Artistry

Huntington Woods, MI



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