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Take on Chapped Hands with Intensive Moisturizing Creams

We all have been vigorously washing and sanitizing our hands these past few weeks to prevent the spread of Covid-19. While these actions are certainly necessary, they can take a serious toll on our skin. That’s why beauty expert Tiffany Elie is here to provide some important tips for smooth, healthy-looking hands!

Over-washing causes your hands to get very dry, so it is important during this time to keep a hand cream on constantly and to reapply after each wash. There are many options out there, and one Tiffany suggests is from the brand Gerlasan.  It contains antimicrobial substances and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help promote healing and extra protection. It works particularly well at keeping hands that come in constant contact with water and cleaning materials moisturized and soft. Also works great for hands covered by protective gloves all day. 


To take your skincare to the next level, try an at-home spa treatment for your hands. Tiffany loves nourishing hand creams with shea butter because they contain vitamin e to soothe dry, chapped skin. Mary Kay makes a great shea butter hand cream. Apply using this three-step process for optimal results:

  • Wash your hands and apply a protective barrier cream 
  • Use an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells and polish your skin
  • Rinse skin and pat dry, then apply your shea butter moisturizing cream

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We hope these tips can take your hands from chapped to shining in no time!

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